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The new Chrome mode for Android

Data Saver allows you to download web pages twice as fast, downloading media at lower resolution and thus saving up to 60% of the data. Now that Google is launching a version of Chrome 74 on multiple platforms, Data Saver mode is improving and renaming it "Lite Mode."

With the new New Google Chrome mode, web pages will be downloaded much faster on Android devices and less RAM will be used. As before, the lightweight mode compresses pages on Google's servers before they load onto your device to reduce data consumption. If the first image or text on the web page doesn't start downloading within five seconds, Chrome will automatically switch to a lite version of the web page.

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Google ensures that compression is performed for each URL, and excludes any user data, such as personalized content, login data, or cookies. For the same reason, the lightweight mode may not work very well in the case of Incognito sessions, when viewing a local network, such as an internal company's website, or if your operator restricts data.

You can turn on the lightweight mode in Google Chrome by going to the "Additional Settings" section. If Data Saver has already been used, the lightweight mode will be enabled by default.

Lite Mode in Google Chrome 

Lite Mode is also called 2G mode because of its targeting of users with low connection speeds. Despite the widespread use of 3G and LTE networks, those who have to use the Internet at 2G speeds are still sufficient. For example, until recently, 2G was the only way to get online for many Indians who could not afford to use more expensive tariffs with higher-speed connections. Lite Mode works by running the site through Google's servers, and can only be turned on when sites are downloaded under the HTTPS protocol. This means that all sites labeled as unsafe will be downloaded in the full version. The Lite Mode activation alert appears at the top of the screen, to the left of the address bar. Clicking on it will allow you to disable Lite Mode and switch to a full version of the site, if the lightweight for some reason does not include the elements the user needs.

Chrome 74 

Google has released Chrome 74 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS platforms, adding a host of new features to the browser. These include advanced PiP (pictured), reduced screen movement when using the parallax effect, and bug fixes and security updates.   However, the most anticipated innovations were support for Windows 10's dark mode and incognito site detection protection, but none of these features have been fully implemented. To activate the dark mode that has already appeared in Chrome 73 for macOS, you must initially include the appropriate design in the settings of Windows 10. Then you need to open the properties of the browser label and add the line "-force-dark-mode" without quotes in the "object" field.

As for protection against detection by sites of the mode incognito, it is activated on the page of experimental settings chrome://flags. This feature should close a loophole that allows sites to determine whether the user is normally or private.

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